080128 – First Time for Everything

Today marks the first day of tracking my progress at TitanFit.

The dieting is going well. Even Jessica is sticking with it, which is great! Now if I could only get her to join the gym with me.

2 – Hard Boiled Eggs
1 – Apple
12 – Almonds

Snack 1
1 – Hard Boiled Egg
0.5 – Cups of Grapes
6 – Almonds

2 oz. – Turkey Breast/Cheese
0.25 – Cups of Cottage Cheese
1 – Slice of Wheat Bread
0.375 – Cups of Applesauce
12 – Almonds
3 tsp. – Lite Mayo

Snack 2
1 oz. – Turkey Breast/Cheese
0.5 – Cups of Grapes
6 – Almonds

3 oz. – Strip Steak
1 oz. – Shredded Cheese
Tortillia, Salsa, Peppers & Onions
Olive Oil

TitanFit WO

5 Rounds for Time:

15-75lbs. SDHP’s
15-75lbs. Thrusters

Time = 17:29

My lower back began aching on Round #2, but I made it through. This workout will make you sweat. I wasn’t extremely winded, and felt that had my back not begin hurting I could have improved my time. The splits, however, were consistent.

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