Time on the Zone

After 10 straight training days, today I rested. I’ll be back in the gym tomorrow!

I’ve been on the Zone Diet (not a diet, but a healthy eating plan in my opinion) for about 6 weeks now. The most prominent change with this diet, as compared to the way I used to eat, is that it takes planning, forethought, and time.

Most of the reviews that I have read regarding this diet give negative opinions with respect to the time that is required of it. So I would like to share my thoughts on this issue.

To me the time required, along with the planning and forethought, is justified with the results that I’ve already achieved. Each week I spend time planning what I will eat the following week and each evening I spend time preparing my meals and snacks for the next day. This time is well worth my effort.

I believe some of the negative reviews of the diet stem from the American way of life. We have been a fast-paced nation for a long time. (Ironically, I often hear people say they need to rush around to get things done so they can have more “free time” or watch their favorite TV show). To make matters worse, corporate America has exploited this fast-paced lifestyle.

There is one common trait, however, that all living beings on this planet share. Regardless of your socio-economic status, race, gender, etc., we all have the same amount of time in any given day.

I am glad that I have chosen to invest some of my time each day to the Zone Diet. By doing that, I’m investing in the well-being and health of my body.


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