Welcome to my new blog.  As our gym, TITANFIT, has recently relocated I thought this would be a good time to make a couple of changes myself.

Firstly, I’m creating a new blog to track my training and other CrossFit related material.  In the future I might create other pages and elements as the need arises and my time permits.  If you have a topic or suggestion feel free to email me.

Secondly I am wiping my slate clean regarding my WOD PR’s as of today.  The new gym location (by virtue of the environment) and a codified training philosophy (by virtue of necessity) will have a dramatic impact on the CrossFit workouts that we perform.  The competition amongst the members will only add fuel to the fire.  All PR’s will now be set in the new environment, under the watchful eye of certified Staff, with the new team.  GET READY FOR THE JOURNEY OF THE TITANFIT CREW.  For those of you that are interested, you can check out the “garage days” on my old blog here.

And lastly, a name change.  The blog will no longer be called “The TitanFit Experiment”.  Rather, I’ve named it “CONSTANTLY VARIED”.  Allow me to briefly explain the reasoning.  Everyone knows the CrossFit mantra of “constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high intensity”.  That phrase is Godspeed.  But beyond the “functional movements” and “high intensity”, I value “constantly varied” the most.  Why?  Because that’s what keeps me coming back.  I’ll elaborate more on this in a future post.

My intent with the site right now is to post articles and links of interest on my FRONT PAGE page.  My training will be posted to the WOD LOG, obviously.  You’ll not be able to comment on individual posts, so please give me feedback as to whether or not you like that.  The ARTICLES page will contain posts of general interest related to CrossFit authored by other individuals.  I’ll often cross-post articles from the TITANFIT Trainer’s Blog on the either the FRONT PAGE or the ARTICLES page in an effort to provide more exposure.  And my PR’s page will host my Personal Record’s of various TITANFIT workouts.  You can find these pages using the Navigation Bar at the top of this page, just above the photo.

And please bear with me throughout this process, as I’m new to WordPress!

One response to “Welcome

  1. Congrats on the new place. As CFOT has a new home as well, I can relate to the idea of new PR’s. Fixed pull up bars will be my first challenge, as well as now doing back squats, more things with rings, climbing ropes, tire flips etc. Have fun with the new space!

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