The Importance of Nutrition

One of the most asked about topics regarding CrossFit is nutrition. (I avoid the word diet because many people associate negative things with that term.)  As you read through the CrossFit material, you’ll see that CrossFit Inc. advocates the Zone Diet. Many other CrossFitters have found success with the Paleo Diet. While these two ways ofeating seem to be the most popular, there are many others out there.

Regardless of the various nutrition plans available, actually reading about and beginning one is an important part of your success with CrossFit.  If you’re not seeing the results that you’d hoped, you can always change your habits.  But in nearly all instances, sound and disciplined eating habits will help you improve your workout performance, sleep, and general well-being.  So it is very important to couple your CrossFit workouts and a nutrition plan to achieve the best results.

I myself have found success with the Zone and as a result I’ve never tried any of the other plans.   As a CrossFitter, you should begin to consider the food you eat as fuel for your body.  I assure you that your efforts and quality of life can improve with well thought out and well planned eating habits.  A gasoline engine might sputter down the road if you put diesel in it.  Ultimately it will die.  Likewise, your body can function on just about any type of food.  But there is an optimum quantity and quality that can be found to promote peak performance.  The Zone and the Paleo diets are two of the vehicles out there to help you achieve this.  In future posts I’ll write about the general science behind the Zone and how to practically implement it into your daily life.

If you have any questions regarding your diet, don’t hesitate to contact me via email or at TITANFIT.  And stay tuned!

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