My Daily Meals

Several members of TitanFit are starting a “30-Day Lockdown” diet challenge designed by CrossFit North Atlanta.

I am going to fore go participation in this challenge and instead focus my efforts on refining my Zone habits.  Plus, there is no way I’m going to eliminate dairy from my diet!  Generally speaking, I’m pretty good about Zoning throughout the week.  My two dietary vices are beer and my weekend cheat meal (day).  I also need to refine my sleep habits and recovery efforts.  So as the TitanFit crew tackles the lockdown, I’ll focus on a strict Zone and improving the quality and quantity of my rest.

My diet does not vary too much from day to day.  This is primarily for convenience.  Fortunately, I have no problems eating the same meals on a routine basis.  The following is a typical day in the Zone for me:

Breakfast (2 blocks) – 0530/0545

  • Breakfast Casserole (1 egg, 1 oz. sausage 2P)
  • Grapes (1 cup – 2C)
  • Almonds (12 ea. – 4 F)

Snack #1 (1 block) – 0915/0930

  • Deli Meat (1 oz. – 1 P)
  • Orange (1/2 ea. – 1 C)
  • Almonds (6 ea. – 2 F)

Lunch (4 blocks) – 1200/1215

  • Chicken Breast (3 oz. – 3 P)
  • Cottage Cheese (1/4 cup – 1P)
  • Green Beans (1 cup – 1C)
  • Black Beans (1/4 cup – 1 C)
  • Applesauce (3/4 cup – 2 C)
  • Almonds (24ea. – 8F)

Snack #2 (1 block) – 1530/1545

  • Deli Meat (1 oz. – 1 P)
  • Orange (1/2 ea. – 1 C)
  • Almonds (6 ea. – 2 F)

Dinner (5 blocks) – 1900/2000

  • Chicken Breast (4oz. – 4P)
  • Cottage Cheese (1/4 cup – 1P)
  • Green Beans (2 cups – 2C)
  • Black Beans (1/2 cup – 2C)
  • Applesauce (3/8 cup – 1C)
  • Almonds (30 ea. – 10F)

Snack #3 (2 blocks) – 2200/2230

  • Milk (2 cups – 2P/2C)

It should also be noted that I drink black coffee (read:  no sugar, no creamer) throughout the morning from 0600 – 0900.  But based upon the Zone principles coffee is considered “neutral” and has negligible calories.

So that is my daily 15 block meal plan.  As you can see I eat the same things, for the most part, throughout the day.  In doing so, I don’t feel that this way of eating is a burden when it comes to meal preparation, packing for work, and grocery shopping.  I generally prepare all of the meat, veggies, and breakfast casserole on the weekend.  Each evening I simply divide out the portions for the next day and store them in the fridge.  It might take 15 minutes, but I consider that time worth the effort.  And eating the same foods makes my grocery shopping easier, as each week I know almost exactly what foods and how much of each I need to buy.

On occasion I might cook a different type of meat for the week.  But I still adhere to the block requirements outlined above.  At other times throughout the week I might make other substitutions should I run out of something but that doesn’t occur often.

Now it’s time to focus on curtailing the alcohol and my weekend cheat meals!


One response to “My Daily Meals

  1. I think i am using the lockdown to go cold turkey on some of my vices. No alcohol, no sugar –
    What I have ended up doing is not pure paleo, I still drink milk, have not been eating other dairy but keeping the milk. I am still eating fruit, main reason is because i still have a lot of fruit in my house!
    I am not following the equal blocks for each meal – so i might have 6 protein blocks, 4 carb blocks, and 3 fat blocks in a meal….

    I have found over the first 3 days – That i am not as hungry during the day, but tend to get light headed in between the WOD and dinner. I also end up eating more protein than carbs, but i am trying to add in more green carbs, replacing the fruit (this should fill me up more, reduce the light headedness)
    I am also more tired in the morning, that could be the new puppy….

    Its good this got most of the members looking at their diet!

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