A Call to Arms…

Tonight I was talking with my brother on the phone.  Much to my surprise, he inquired about nutrition and exercise.  He asked me for advice and if I could provide him with some general guidelines to help him drop a few pounds.  I was at a loss for words at his request.  Mainly because he’s never been the “workout” type.  However, I admire his enthusiasm and his pursuit of a better lifestyle.  Beyond that, I’m more concerned about my niece and the nutritional habits that my brother and sister-in-law are instilling in her.

So I’ve made it my obligation, at his request, to help him (and her and my niece) tackle their fitness quest.  My brother will be the ideal CrossFit client.  He’s never bench presse d.  He’s never worked on an elliptical.  Basically, he has no bad habits.  As such, he has no good habits either and now he’s asking for training advice.

I’ll make an effort to do what I can.  But it will be tough coaching someone remotlely.  However, if he’s willing to adhere to the advice that I’ll provide him, he’ll see results.  And I informed him that I can only provide the advice…it is he that must act upon it!

So over the coming weeks I’ll make it my personal agenda to help Whitey get involved in a fitness regimen.  If he’s as stubborn as I think he is, he’ll find success.  And if he’s not, he will have to accept the fact that it is he, himself, who is to blame.

With CrossFit, we train for everyday life.  If getting up off of the toilet or picking your newborn child up off of the ground is not important to you, we don’t want you amongst our ranks.  CrossFit…because life matters.

2 responses to “A Call to Arms…

  1. Whitey working out? I just can’t see it. Maybe he will prove me wrong.

  2. Tuttle I will kick your ass…..wait and see.

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