To Hell and Back, I Hope. Permanently!

I began my CrossFit excursion in November of 2007.  It took me a while to adapt to the demands of the program, but once I did my results were amazing.

So tonight, in a conversation with my affiliate owner and coach, we hashed out the results of my success upon the CrossFit methodology.

When I began the CrossFit protocol, I started in a garage gym with myself, another mid-20’s individual, and my affiliate owner.  This journey began in November.  During the time period of February thru May, I made outstanding gains in my fitness.

As the fall of that year approached and our membership had gained, it was obvious that we needed to move out of the garage.  At this point in time, however, my work schedule demanded a three month hiatus.

Upon my return to TitanFit, after the three month hiatus, I noticed that I was struggling thru a lot of the WOD’s.  My curiosity got the best of me and I set out to determine why.  The following is a synopsis of my study and a prelude to the conversation I shared with my affiliate owner, Herb, tonight.

When I began CrossFit, as I mentioned before, it was myself and one other “regular” in the gym.  Therefore we got a lot of person attention with regard to new lifts, workouts, etc.  At the same time, our coach was blessed with the ability to train individuals whom had the pursuit of elite fitness.  The “firebreathers” they call them in our circle.

And I don’t say that to discount our newer members.  That would be slanderous.  By all means we were the exception and not the rule.  That is what CrossFit is all about.  But during the timeframe that is was only the “firebreathers” at TitanFit, our coach had the ability to program exclusively for us.  In doing so, we thrived upon that.

With the addition of the new members, he was forced to program for everyone.  And I completely understand that.  It is a business, after all.

In our conversation tonight, however, I chose to bring up the subject of programming for all members.  Not exclusively for one group.  Herb agreed.  Present a challenge to everyone, and everyone will excel.  That is the CrossFit paradigm.  The work capacity across broad time, modal, and age domains differs by degree, not kind.  I can do the same WOD as my girlfriend.  Hers, however, will be lighter in weight or shorter in reps. That’s the beauty of the program.

As a result, we’re going to start implementing a programming scheme at TitanFit that will challenge ALL individuals.  The programming will tailor to those best adept and most willing.  For my girlfriend, the same workout will be scaled to her abilities.

Personally, I found a lot of success with this type of programming.  Search the TitanFit website from Feb. 08 – May 08 to let my comments conclude the evidence.  I was in the best shape of my life.  Here’s to making that happen again.

To Herb, I owe my many years to come.  And a beer or two.


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