My Daily Diet – @ the Request of a Coworker



Breakfast is a staple at my house.  I often cook everything in advance and eat leftovers daily.  This is simply because of time constraints.  I eat breakfast every day.  If you think you’re too busy to eat breakfast, come and stay with me.  If I’ve got the time, so do you.

This platter includes Shakshuka, Pork Bacon (Jessica bought the wrong thing, but I can’t let it go to waste), and Pineapple (organic).

Snack #1

Snack #1

Snack #1

This was my first snack today.  Notice that I eat a hearty breakfast and a snack a few h0urs later.  Multiple meals throughout the day make for a better nutrition program and prevent you from eating several calories in one sitting.  Absent from this meal is protein.  Not only did Jes buy Pork Bacon, but I cooked it and forgot to take it to work.  In addition, I seldom eat peanuts.  Too much inflammation associated with doing so.  However, I forgot my raw, unsalted almonds with the bacon.  Fortunately, I remembered the organic apple and made due with the company peanuts.

Lunch (My favorite Meal!)



Lunch seems to be a terrible habit for most people.  You’re either far from home, out with co-workers, or feeling drained.  However, none of these are excuses in my book.  I work in an office.  Most of my co-workers eat out every day.  And being health minded, I find most of them lethargic, dreary, and slow to function in the afternoon.  I wonder why?

To me, a good lunch is a leftover dinner from the night before.  In the pic you’ll see a leftover (1/2) chicken breast, a leftover vegetable medley (zucchini, mushrooms, and onion), and some broccoli florets with dipping sauce.

A typical lunch of mine.  AND I can make it through the rest of the workday!

Snack #2

Snack #2

Snack #2

Bacon.  The blessing of all Gods.

So once again, I failed to instruct the household purchasing agent that I needed TURKEY bacon, not pork bacon.  But I hate throwing money down the drain.

Here, you’ll see my second snack of the day.  Two strips of bacon, 1/2 an orange, and a few natural almonds.

Again, another small snack (meal) in lieu of overeating.  If you’re doubting yourself that you can do this, I encourage you to take a closer look.  Anyone can eat like this.  It simply requires determination, persistence, and planning.

Supper Spread


And I’ll leave you with tonight’s dinner.  An awesome crockpot recipe.  Paleo style…

Please note that I did NOT eat any of the potatoes, snap peas, or gravy.  The meat and the veggies were my main course.

So what will you do from here out?  Succumb to the pressure of eating “comfort food”?  Or can you “man-up” and live like a caveman?

Society tells you to do the former.  Evolution tells you to do the later.

The ball is in you court.


One response to “My Daily Diet – @ the Request of a Coworker

  1. A nice write up of your day. I see people ask for menu suggestions. I don’t think people should have to buy a book. This is a nice one.

    I just got back from walking around the Washington DC zoo. I am sightseeing in DC for a few days. They were making a big deal about how they studied what each animal ate in the wild and seeing that they were fed the same way. But for humans they expect us to eat what is most profitable. If you look at all the Neolithic foods you will see that all of them are low labor, and low labor means high profits. The paleo foods we like generally have to be hand picked, carefully packed, refrigerated, etc.

    I find turkey bacon to be strange. The only problem I have with pork bacon is the chemicals used to process it aren’t paleo. For my breakfast meat I had been getting chicken kabobs from the Pakistani takeout. But even free-range organic chicken (that wasn’t, it was Halal) is fed grains and you have the higher Omega 6s. In the wild chickens eat grass, bugs, grubs, and chickweed.

    I am now getting the Pakistani place to custom cook me lamb kabobs. Their lamb (Halal of course) comes from Australia or New Zealand and is grass fed. I don’t know if anyone feeds lamb grains. How unnatural!

    Best of luck with your paleo lifestyle. Not a diet, of course, as we expect to follow it for the rest of our lives.

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