101017 – CrossFit L1 Test

Today I took my CrossFit Level 1 Test at Indy Shield CrossFit.  I was in the group that had previously taken the CrossFit L1 Certification Course when there was no test required.  That was back in November of 2008 at Rouge Fitness.  Since then, I’ve had consistent exposure to CrossFit and trained some people on a part-time basis.

I passed the L1 test to get my CrossFit Level 1 Trainer’s Certificate.

The format of the exam was 50 multiple choice questions.  Five of these questions were for future test purposes and were not graded.  You have 45 minutes to complete the exam.  I overheard from those that had attended the cert for the duration of the weekend that a passing score of 70% (35/45) was required to obtain the CF L1 Trainers Certificate.  I cannot confirm this, however, so please don’t take it as gospel. For those that don’t meet the minimum passing score, you’re awarded the CrossFit L1 Certificate of Attendance.

The only preparation that I did leading up to the exam was review the Trainer’s Manual that is located on the CrossFit Journal site.  As mentioned before, I’ve also had constant exposure to CrossFit for the last three years.

Overall, I thought the test was a relatively comprehensive review of the CrossFit methodology that is offered at the L1 Certification.  There were questions that covered mechanics, methodology, nutrition, and coaching.  Anyone with exposure to CrossFit and having attended the L1 cert should have a solid foundation for the exam.

I passed with a score of 42/45.

I think that it is great that CFHQ is requiring this written exam in order to gain ANSI accreditation.  As Spealler mentioned, the exam originated from the request of the community.  And I think CFHQ has done well in creating an exam at the introductory level that will make those willing put forth the effort to understand and demonstrate the basic methodology/concepts of the CrossFit movement.  For that, I am proud to be a part of the CrossFit community, and a recently certified CrossFit L1 Trainer.


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