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Metcon – 4 Rounds For Time:

  • 400M Run
  • 25 Situps
  • 25 Back Extensions

Time = 16:38

Another Hero

TitanFit WO


3 Rounds of:

800m Run
50 Back Extensions
50 Sit-ups

Time = 18:58

This was the first time that I’ve done this workout. Not knowing what lie ahead, I feel I kind of loafed the first run @ 3:35. Last run was @ 4:05. Lots of room for improvement on the runs, but with winter I’ll probably have to wait until the spring. Sit-ups were easy.

Felt good to have a workout that was only lower body as my shoulders are trashed! Look forward to a weekend off.

And props to DJ for a nice time on Randy. I know he’s got a sub-5:00 in him!

MetCon Today!

I often get remarks about “your skinny, you should eat more”, or “you don’t need to be on a diet”, etc. Again I contend that it is not a diet, but rather a healthy eating plan. To those that have told me the phrases above over the past few months, please see below for the dinner that I ate tonite. This is a 4-block meal by Zone Diet standards.

3 oz. – Salmon Patty
0.5 cups – Cottage Cheese
2 cups – Green Beans
0.5 cups – Black Beans
24 – Almonds/Cashews
6-8 Mushroom Stems/Pieces (as garnish)

I challenge each one of you to eat this for dinner one evening and tell me your hungry. Not only is such a meal satisfying and fulfilling, but it is VERY healthy when compared to the typical American dinner.

As another challenge go out with your co-workers for lunch or your buddies for dinner and order the healthiest thing on the menu, regardless of what the others order. For instance, forego the pasta dish and get a salmon entree or order the chicken salad instead of the Angus burger. I nearly guarantee you that you will be the one the others poke fun at for ordering a “healthy” choice. This is but one example of how the diet of most Americans has deteriorated to the point where the burger and fries have become the acceptable standard. And this “standard”, along with the marketing practices of corporate America, have led (in part) to the rise of obesity in this nation.

Each and every day I eat a 2-block breakfast, a 3-block lunch, a 4-block dinner, and two to three 1-block snacks. In doing so I feel energized throughout the day and prevent myself from the inclination to over-eat at any one meal. And I’m making much healthier choices in terms of food selection than a large percent of the American population.

Don’t even get me started with vegans.

TitanFit WO

Today was a MetCon workout.

3 Rounds of:

1000m Row
50 Sit-ups
50 Back Extensions

Time = 24:08