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Quick Update

I am officially on a CrossFit hiatus.

I will be taking my P.E. exam on April 24th, 2009. My present Hard Routine is to make studying and preparing for this exam my sole priority; my singular focus. A “different” type of Hard Routine than most people practice.

So far this Hard Routine has consisted of a review course on the weekends and approximately two hours of daily self-guided study. Every day. I haven’t done anything this rigorous since college, and the first week was an eye opening experience.

As such, I’m taking a CrossFit hiatus as I prepare myself for this exam. It’s possible that I’ll return to the box after my review course is over on March 30th. It’s also possible that I’ll not return until the exam is over.

Without an exercise regimen in place, my diet becomes more critical to my overall health. I’ll put forth my best effort to adhere to the Zone while traveling.

And finally, I will document the journey of my comeback. Stay tuned…