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A New PR!

TitanFit WO


1RM of 365lbs.

This was a PR by 20lbs. I had no intention of working up to a 1RM. And in hindsight, had I not done several reps at lighter weights, I think I could’ve gotten more. The bar didn’t even “stick” to the ground on the PR. It came right up. I think I owe this to some of the finer points of mechanics that I learned at the CrossFit certification courtesy of Gilson et. al.

The CrossFit Level 1 Certification at Rogue Fitness was great. To date, it was the second best experience of my life. I learned SO many things and met some wonderful people. The trainers from HQ and the Rogue staff were out of this world. It was nice to meet Jamie and John from right here in Indianapolis. (Jamie, you’ll have that muscleup soon!)

At first I had some reservations about the cost. But knowing what I know now, I’d have paid twice as much to attend. I highly recommend this to all CrossFitters and those with a general interest in fitness. And in particular to those of you who want to become trainers. If you haven’t been to a CF cert, let me be the first to say that you don’t know enough. And when you leave, you’ll be wanting more. I picked up so many things, from all types of perspectives: as an athlete, as an observer, and as human being. And the comradarie amongst the attendees was phoenomenal. The energy and passion put forth by everyone was euphoric. This stuff could make enemies into allies, and it is going to change the perception of the entire fitness industry.

So congrats to all whom completed their certification! To Todd, Tony, Jon, E.C., Joe, and Josh I say hats off. Look for some interesting things to happen at TitanFit!

Birthday WO

TitanFit WO


16 Rounds

I tore my hand pretty bad on Round 11. As always, the push-ups were the hardest.

I also want to welcome my neighbor Sharon to TitanFit. I told her about the gym on Friday evening and she researched the website. Today she decided to ride along and do her first workout with Herb. She’s found what she’s looking for and is our newest member! Congrats Sharon, stay consistent!

And finally, the best news. I registered for my Level 1 CrossFit certification today. While money is tight I seldom get the opportunity to attend a certification in my back yard. The only fear that I have is that chalk will not be allowed! That sucks. DJ and I will be traveling together, so if anyone in Columbus could put us up for a couple of nights, that would be great!