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Fran – 5:09

TF Pull-up Challenge – 100 (1200 Total Pull-ups)


Fran – 6:44

4 x 250M Run – 9:15 (Total time; 1:1 Work:Rest)

100525 – Fran

As rx’ed in 6:31.

Knees really bothered me after tabata yesterday.

091118 – Fran

As rx’ed.  Time = 5:27

A little disappointed.

090202 – Fran

090202 – Fran

As rx’ed. Time = 5:34

The pullup bar at 9′ in height makes for an interesting workout. Even with a box, if you drop off the bar you’ve got to collect yourself, climb back on to the box, and jump (literally, for me) back on to the bar. It sucks! My old PR with a bar I could reach standing from the ground was 4:12. BIG DIFFERENCE.


TitanFit WO


Time = 4:48

A few thoughts. This was the first time I’ve done Fran using the new pullup bar and using the rack for the thrusters. The pullup bar has a HUGE impact on your grip, and therefore your forearms. And I’m not sure what I think of the rack. I’m going to try it one more time, but as I stand right now, I think I’ll be more efficient cleaning the weight from the ground.

The Writing is on the Whiteboard.

I need to make up some time on the round of 15 reps. Both the Thrusters and the Pull-ups were broken two or three times on that round.

A Short One

Today I followed the main site and did Fran. It was only my second time doing this workout but at least I had a time to beat. Not only did I beat my old time (6:39), I smoked it.

TitanFit WO


21-15-9 Reps of:

95 lbs. Thrusters

Time = 4:30

It’s cold outside!

Let’s not talk about the diet. I’ll get back on track tomorrow.

But as far as the workout… Today I completed a CrossFit benchmark workout. This is one of the workouts that is used to measure ones progress over time. My goal over the next several weeks is to complete more of these benchmark workouts, as prescribed. I will then complete the same workouts a few months later and gauge my progress. I think I will see improved times in the workouts, in addition to being able to complete some more workouts, as prescribed, that I cannot do now.

TitanFit WO


21-15-9 of:

95 lbs. Thrusters

Time = 6:39

This was the first time that I have done 95 lbs. Thrusters. As you may know, my upper body strength is my weakness. While I continue to work on it, I thought that by doing a benchmark workout that involved some upper body strength was imperative. This will give me a very good indicator of how far I’ve come, in terms of upper body strength as well as conditioning, when I do this workout again in a few months. The thrusters were by FAR the hardest part of this workout. I would estimate that they took easily 2/3, possibly more, of the total time to complete. Pull-ups are very easy for me.