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Getting Back on Track

Jessica and I have both deviated from the diet the past few days so we’re using the weekend to do some planning and get back on track. The good thing about the Zone Diet is that its easy to get right back on track.

TitanFit WO


For time:

30 Stingers
30 Box Jumps
1000m Row
30 Med Ball Sit-ups
30 Pull-ups
30 SDHP (45 lbs.)
30 Squats
500m Row
30 Push-ups
250m Row
30 Push-ups

Time = 19:48

The pull-ups were tough following the med ball situps. I really like the workout. In addition, I completed my first “assisted” muscle-up today. I’m going to work on these the next several days. Hopefully we’ll have the rings hung up in the gym by tomorrow!