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CrossFit Catnip

Much like supplements for the average CrossFiter, catnip will perk you up.

But it won’t last long. You’ll get sloppy with the drug, and then just crash. This is my photo evidence.

And like many CrossFiter’s taking the advice of others regarding supplements, Illini & Milo took the word of their mother who told them “…catnip is good for you!”. Again I refer you to the photo.

Stay clean, Illini and Milo, stay clean.

TitanFit Cookout

I appreciate where I’m at, but I also know where I came from. The first TF cookout.

I appreciate how old I am but I’d love to be this young again!


The weekend is finally here!

I had a pretty good day with the diet. For lunch I went out with a co-worker for his birthday, but I was able to keep my meal reasonably Zone-friendly.

2 – Hardboiled Eggs
1 – Apple
12 – Almonds

Snack 1
1 oz. – Turkey Breast
0.5 – Cups of Grapes
6 – Almonds

Chipotle Mexican Grill
“Burrito Bol” with the following:
No Rice
Few Black Beans
Salsa (Tomatoes)
Few Chips
While the ratios might not be EXACT, I feel that I did well in balancing Protein/Favorable Carbs.

Snack 2
1 – Hardboiled Egg
0.5 – Cup of Grapes
6 – Cashews

3 oz. – Salmon Patty
0.5 – Cups of Cottage Cheese
1 – Cup of Green Beans
1 – Cup of Grapes
0.25 – Part of Whole Grain Pita

TitanFit WO

For time:

20 – Box Jumps (24″ Box)
20 – Push-ups
250m Row
20 – Dumbbell Snatch (L)
20 – Dumbbell Snatch (R)
250m Row
20 – Stingers
20 – Push-ups
250m Row
20 Sit-ups
20 – Squats
250m Row

Time = 12:04

I think I could have been a little faster, but I “paced” myself at the beginning not knowing what was ahead.

For the first time ever, neither set of the Push-ups were broken. And this was the first PU workout after learning “the trick” from Herb. When Herb teaches me these “tricks”, he always follows up with a comment to the effect of “…if I would have told you that 2 months ago you wouldn’t have believed me”. You have no idea how true that is. You need to struggle through your weaknesses at first. And CrossFit will find your weaknesses. After a few weeks of struggling, Herb will slowly begin honing your technique. Teaching you things, telling you to try a slightly different way of doing things. And then when you are right where he wants you, he tells you “the trick”. When he told me the PU “trick” yesterday, I was laughing at myself doing PU’s because I couldn’t believe how easy they had just become. All I did was listen to Herb, after struggling for months. His experience is invaluable, his coaching methodic. Come to TitanFit to see what he can do for YOU!

With all of that said, Herb is not a photographer. He takes decent pictures, but he misses the best shots. So I can only leave you with yet another pic of me on the rowing machine today. I really wanted a PU pic!

It takes nearly as much time to strap-in/unstrap as it does to Row 250m.

And here is a picture of our two cats. Can you guess which one does CrossFit?

Milo (L) and Illini (R)