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032816 – Press

Press up to 115#

Push Press up to 155#

A little lingering pain in my left shoulder.

010812 – Press/Push Press/MetCon

Press up to 115lbs.
Push Press up to 175lbs.

MetCon – 2 Rounds of:
40 KB Swings (53lbs.)
40 Box Jumps (24″)
40 Push-ups
333M Row
40 Sit-ups
40 Pull-ups

Teamed with Sampson and finished in 15:40.

072911 – Press & Push Press

Press up to 120lbs.

Push Press up to 185lbs.

032311 – Strength & MetCon

Press based on 90% of 1RM

@80% x 3 (95lbs.)
@85% x 3 (100lbs.)
@90% x AMRAP (105lbs. x 5)


100M Row / 45sec Rest / 200M Row / 45sec Rest / 300M Row / 45sec Rest / 400M Row / 45sec Rest / 500M Row / 45sec Rest / 400M Row / 45sec Rest / 300M Row / 45sec Rest / 200M Row / 45sec Rest / 100M Row

Press & MetCon

Press 105 x 5 / 110 x 3 / 120 x 1

50 Wallballs (20#)

Time = 1:52

100617 – Two Strength WOD’s

Press – 90lbs. x 5, 95lbs. x 5, 100lbs. x 9 (Weak)

C & J up to 200lbs.

100603 – Press & 2K Row

Press @ various weights & light weights.

Easy 2K Row in 7:55.

100419 – Press & a MetCon

Press up to 115lbs. (weak)

Push Press up to 185lbs.

Tabata Row – 8 for each interval.

090524 – Lifting and MetCon

Worked on press, both strict and bench press. Afterward, 4 Rounds of: 200m sprints / 5 burpees. Time = 5:03.

090216 – Press

Worked on Pressing today. Various weights of strict Press mixed with sets of Push-ups. Tabata Row afterward. Score = 7 cals.


Today I worked on my press.

TitanFit WO

Push Press
Push Jerk

I left my numbers at the gym. But my max reps were 130 lbs., 175 lbs., 185 lbs., respectively. I still have alot of work to do on my pressing strength.

Another One Down

Today, due to a sore lower back, I decided to skip “Josh” and work on pressing. Aside from lunch, I’ve been kosher with the diet today. I am really on a kick for salmon patties. I told Herb today that I think we should start a TitanFit Recipe Book with Zone friendly meals. Even outside of the gym I’m frequently asked “how do you get started” or “what do you eat” or “how do you avoid eating the same things” and the most popular “you don’t eat enough”. Collectively, as the gym continues to grow and everyone tries new recipe ideas I think we could amass a fair size volume cookbook. We’ll call it TitanCook. Thoughts?

TitanFit WO

Press – Worked up to 1 RM of 120 lbs. Got close at 125 lbs., need a little more work/focus on mechanics

Weighted pull-ups between sets. Worked up to 63 lbs.

I’m going to attempt “Josh” tomorrow assuming the back soreness has subsided.

Also did a little repair work on the old rower. Now it doesn’t fall apart when sat upright.

More Pressing Work

Today I worked on my pressing. I got quite a few reps in, and maxed out at 120 lbs. I’m making some progress, so that’s good. I’m going to finish each workout with some push-ups for the next few months (assuming the WOD doesn’t involve many push-ups).

My diet has been good thus far, but I probably won’t make it through the Super Bowl. I plan to have some chips and queso/salsa, but I’ll limit my quantities. On the bright side, I went and checked out the local Kroger supermarket this afternoon. To my delight they have a “Nature Foods” section. In addition, they have a wonderful produce selection. So Jessica signed up for the “Perks” card and today alone we saved $24. At least that’s what the receipt said. She believes everything she reads! I’ll get to the bottom of the savings when I have some time to compare list prices with the other local supermarkets and crunch through the mathematics.

I’m feeling really good as of late and look forward to some hard work at TitanFit beginning tomorrow! Stay tuned for the details…