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Most of the CrossFit Games Qualifiers are now over.  Being as addicted as I am, I have been following most of the action via the CF Games blog.  As such, I have a few observations and general commentary as a result of this knowledge.  Be advised that this post is not directed to anyone specifically, but everyone!

I have been CrossFitting for about a year and a half.  As a result, the first and foremost thing that I’ve taken in to consideration during my WOD’s is form, technique, and counting my reps.  Actually, I’ve prided myself on these characteristics.  And I think you should too.

As I’ve read through most of the discussion on the CF Games site, it appears that even the top athletes have had a few (or even several) reps discounted due to inconsistent or improper form.  To those athletes, I say congratulations.  Frequently, the movements were relatively new and the competition was fierce.  If you shorted a few front squats in a workout that involved forty-five, congrats.  You were pushing yoursef to the max, or better yet, Forging Elite Fitness.

However, if you’re a casual CrossFitter at your local affiliate, I don’t have sympathy for you.  (Actually, I might, as this will help me acieve my aspirations for the 2010 CF Games if you’re sacrificing form when I’m not!).  The reason is that YOU KNOW THE STANDARDS OF EACH LIFT/MOVEMENT, SO ADHERE TO THEM.  If you’re “a little high” in your front squat, “a little short on you pull-up”, or a “a little short on your kettlebell swing”, you’re only hurting yourself.  (Remember that little motto, “Consistency in the movements, and THEN consistency in intensity?)

With each and every CrossFit movement, I had the mentality that I should perfect my technique before I perfected my time/load.  I feel that this has served me well in my desire to pursue competition among the elite CrossFitters.

Next year, at the Qualifier, when they post 21 deadlifts I hope to do only 21, and not 32 because I didn’t have the proper form/technique.  If you’d like, come to the Qualifiers next year.  Someone else will be judging us, and I hope I only have to do 21!