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TitanFit WO

5 Rounds of:

125m Row
10 – Cleans (95lbs.)
10 – Pull-ups
10 – Thrusters (95lbs.)

Time = 11:14

This didn’t seem too bad when written on the whiteboard. But it snuck up on all of us. My thrusters were terrible. That is not a good thing with the cert less than 2 weeks away!

This one Hurt

TitanFit WO

3 rounds of
800 M run
21 – 1.5 pood Kettlebell swings
21 – 95 pound Thrusters
21 – Pull-ups

Time = 35:26

The Thrusters killed me. I’m not sure that I’ll be able to walk tomorrow after running, swings, and those damn thrusters. My second and third runs were very slow since my legs were zapped.


TitanFit WO

As Many Rounds As Possible in 20 Minutes of:

15- 95 lbs. Thrusters
400M run

5 Rounds with 36 seconds left.

I struggled with this from the start.

Nearly my least favorite exercise

TitanFit WO

1RM Thruster = 185 lbs.

Rather disappointing as I can push press 175 lbs. Thinking further, however, I’m moving the bar alot further and the timing of the hip movement can make or break the thruster.


TitanFit WO

Row 500M/Run 400M
15 – 95 lbs SDHP

Row 500M/Run 400M
15 – 95 lbs Thrusters

Row 500M/Run 400M
15- 95 lbs SDHP

Row 500M/Run 400M
15 – 95 lbs Thrusters

Time = 13:29

I just didn’t have it in me today. The runs, beginning with the second, were VERY slow.

It’s cold outside!

Let’s not talk about the diet. I’ll get back on track tomorrow.

But as far as the workout… Today I completed a CrossFit benchmark workout. This is one of the workouts that is used to measure ones progress over time. My goal over the next several weeks is to complete more of these benchmark workouts, as prescribed. I will then complete the same workouts a few months later and gauge my progress. I think I will see improved times in the workouts, in addition to being able to complete some more workouts, as prescribed, that I cannot do now.

TitanFit WO


21-15-9 of:

95 lbs. Thrusters

Time = 6:39

This was the first time that I have done 95 lbs. Thrusters. As you may know, my upper body strength is my weakness. While I continue to work on it, I thought that by doing a benchmark workout that involved some upper body strength was imperative. This will give me a very good indicator of how far I’ve come, in terms of upper body strength as well as conditioning, when I do this workout again in a few months. The thrusters were by FAR the hardest part of this workout. I would estimate that they took easily 2/3, possibly more, of the total time to complete. Pull-ups are very easy for me.

080128 – First Time for Everything

Today marks the first day of tracking my progress at TitanFit.

The dieting is going well. Even Jessica is sticking with it, which is great! Now if I could only get her to join the gym with me.

2 – Hard Boiled Eggs
1 – Apple
12 – Almonds

Snack 1
1 – Hard Boiled Egg
0.5 – Cups of Grapes
6 – Almonds

2 oz. – Turkey Breast/Cheese
0.25 – Cups of Cottage Cheese
1 – Slice of Wheat Bread
0.375 – Cups of Applesauce
12 – Almonds
3 tsp. – Lite Mayo

Snack 2
1 oz. – Turkey Breast/Cheese
0.5 – Cups of Grapes
6 – Almonds

3 oz. – Strip Steak
1 oz. – Shredded Cheese
Tortillia, Salsa, Peppers & Onions
Olive Oil

TitanFit WO

5 Rounds for Time:

15-75lbs. SDHP’s
15-75lbs. Thrusters

Time = 17:29

My lower back began aching on Round #2, but I made it through. This workout will make you sweat. I wasn’t extremely winded, and felt that had my back not begin hurting I could have improved my time. The splits, however, were consistent.