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I found this video on the net about insulin and the cellular storage mechanism.  Kind of a cheesy video, but it conveys the point rather well.  Dr. Eades’ book, The Protein Power Life Plan, is on my list of books to read.  And according to his blog, he’s going to be relasing some new material soon.


Click here for a pretty simple video about the Paleo diet, courtesy of Pay Now Live Later.

New posts, along with training, should resume in about 10 days.  Until then, enjoy the video and contemplate your current dietary habits.


Here is a video from the TitanFit 50 WOD on Saturday. The workout was:

400 M run (relay style)
50 – 225 lbs DL
50 – Ring dips
50 – Sit-ups
500M Row (relay style)
50 – Pull-ups
50 – 18 inch Box jumps
50 – Burpees

I drew Sampson from the hopper as my partner. You can see him lying on the ground as I finished the Burpees (note – there were other times he hit the ground as well). Basically, I had my work cut out for me for the last 3 events.

Sampson says we’ll never do this WOD in the order above again. Ever.

Our time was 19:50. I’m glad the two doctors didn’t show up a get paired up on a team together!