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Lifting Day

TitanFit WO

Weighted Pull-ups – up to 40 lbs.

Rack Jerk (non-split) – up to 180 lbs.

The push-up ladder is @ 40 today. It’s going to be a long way to 100!

Another One Down

Today, due to a sore lower back, I decided to skip “Josh” and work on pressing. Aside from lunch, I’ve been kosher with the diet today. I am really on a kick for salmon patties. I told Herb today that I think we should start a TitanFit Recipe Book with Zone friendly meals. Even outside of the gym I’m frequently asked “how do you get started” or “what do you eat” or “how do you avoid eating the same things” and the most popular “you don’t eat enough”. Collectively, as the gym continues to grow and everyone tries new recipe ideas I think we could amass a fair size volume cookbook. We’ll call it TitanCook. Thoughts?

TitanFit WO

Press – Worked up to 1 RM of 120 lbs. Got close at 125 lbs., need a little more work/focus on mechanics

Weighted pull-ups between sets. Worked up to 63 lbs.

I’m going to attempt “Josh” tomorrow assuming the back soreness has subsided.

Also did a little repair work on the old rower. Now it doesn’t fall apart when sat upright.

After a Small Hiatus…

Back in the gym today after a short hiatus. My diet has been decent today. This weekend I’m going to sit down and do some research (or invent) some new recipes. It’s amazing what you can come up with that is still Zone-friendly.

TitanFit WO

Back-Squat (225 lbs.)

3 sets of 1, 2, 3

Weighted Pull-ups between sets. Worked up to 45 lbs. Completed 22 kipping Pull-ups afterward.

And finally more Push-ups. Alas, Herb told me another one of those “secrets” tonite. As a result, I feel that I’m going to really improve my Push-up performance.

Looking forward to a good, tough weekend in the gym starting tomorrow.