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Benchmark Workout

Another good day on the diet.

I’m changing my sleep schedule starting tonight. I’ll be waking approximately an hour earlier in an effort to get to the office and study for my PE Exam. I’m curious to see what affect this might have on my workouts the remainder of the week and in to next. Regardless of how hard I try, I don’t think I’ll ever get to bed earlier, so essentially I’ll be lengthening my day by an hour. I must find a way to adapt, however, because I have about 14 months of studying to complete!

TitanFit WO


21 – Overhead Squats
42 – Pull-ups
15 – Overhead Squats
30 – Pull-ups
9 – Overhead Squats
18 – Pull-ups

Time = 7:32

“Josh” is another CrossFit benchmark workout. As mentioned previously I’m trying to complete a few of these benchmarks so that I can perform the WO again in a few months and measure my progress.

This was yet another workout in which regulating breathing is important. To give you an idea, it feels somewhat like bobbing up and down in water, getting only a small little breath of oxygen before submersing again.

I was happy that my 21 rep and 9 rep sets of squats were unbroken, albeit wobbly at times.