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Upcoming Television Show

Today will be my second rest day. The HSPU’s and Deadlift from Friday has left my back rather sore. So I’m going to take it easy today. I’ll be back at TitanFit tomorrow.

I would like to let everyone know about an upcoming public television show titled “King Corn”. I have not seen it yet but have reviewed the website extensively. I’m also in the midst of reading “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” by Michael Pollan, which has similar plot lines. You can check out the website for “King Corn” here. It will be shown in the Indianapolis area on Tuesday, April 15th @ 9:00pm on WFYI. Note that the series is called Independent Lens: King Corn.

I grew up on a farm in which corn and soybeans were the primary crops we raised, along with hogs in my early years. Until I began my current diet regimen about two years ago, I never really thought about the products (and by-products) that corn was used to manufacture. I anticipate that “King Corn” will reveal even more surprises. I’ll post my thoughts after I see the film.

On another note, I was talking with Herb the other day about the mental toughness that is required of CrossFit and how, unknowingly, this is extrapolated to other areas of life. (Ironically there is an article in this months CFJ that touches on this point.) In dealing with some personal issues lately, I am surprised at how my mental toughness has aided me. While certain issues have affected me deeply, I have chose not to buy in to the greed and the egos of others. Much like making your way through “Linda” or “The 12 Days of Christmas”, I’ll endure the physical affects if I can just convince my mind to work through until the end. I feel that in doing so, I’ll arrive on the other side where the grass is greener. And I’ll still be able to look at myself in the mirror every day.

SSG James Ausmann, platoon sergeant and native of Pulaski, Va.
(Photo courtesy of Iraq Pictures)

Mental toughness is one’s ability to maintain moral standards and coherent thought during the difficult and oppressive times in one’s life.