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100215 – Snatch & MetCon

Snatch up to 155lbs.

Pull-up Ladder – 14

Bad Day Again

TitanFit WO

Pull-up Ladder = 13

No energy today. But you have to take the good with the bad.

CFJ Article

I’m sure glad this months CFJ contains an article on torn hands. I tore a callous on my right hand and the palm of my left hand today at the gym.

TitanFit WO

Pull-up Ladder – 20

This was the first time that I’ve used tape while doing this workout. Everything was going well until Round 15. The tape began to loosen and I spent the next couple of rounds trying to tear it off. On Round 19, the first round sans-tape, my left palm tore. I somehow mustered one more round.

On a side note, a big congratulations is in order for Herb. He went to Michigan for a few days and returned Certified and employed. We’ll have to celebrate the combination of these feats with drinks soon!

Another Great Day @ TitanFit

I’m back in sync with the diet which is good. I’m going to refrain from any cheat days for nearly two weeks. I have a Chili cookout planned for March 7th that I will make my next cheat meal.

I had another excellent day at TitanFit today. It’s amazing the progress that I’ve made in just three short months. CrossFit, in conjunction with the Zone, is quickly becoming a lifestyle as opposed to an exercise regimen and a diet plan.

TitanFit WO

Worked up to 1RM of Overhead Squat. Began with sets @ 95 lbs., 115 lbs., 135 lbs., and 155 lbs. Finally found my max Overhead Squat of 170 lbs.

I tried 185 lbs. but couldn’t get the load off of my shoulders with the Push Press. Obviously, this is something that I need to work on. I feel that if I had gotten the bar to the lockout position I could have increased another 10+ lbs.

After the squatting workout I did a Pull-up ladder. A ladder workout is one in which your perform 1 rep the first minute, 2 reps the second minute, 3 reps the third minute and continue until you can’t perform the required reps in the one minute time frame. I worked up to 17 reps on the seventeenth minute. In total I completed 153 Pull-ups during the workout.

Overhead Squat – 170 lbs. 1RM
Pull-up Ladder – 17