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CrossFit Total

  • Back Squat = 300#
  • Press = 115# (Weak)
  • Deadlift = 345#

Total = 760#


CrossFit Total

Back Squat – 305lbs. (PR)
Press – 120lbs
Deadlift – 325lbs.

Very happy with the PR on back squat.  First time hitting 300+ in probably 2+ years.  A little disappointed with the deadlift though.  Kind of tweaking my back squatting and probably made too large of a jump.

CFT = 750lbs.

110910 – CFT

Back Squat = 275 lbs.
Press = 125 lbs.
Deadlift = 365 lbs.

CFT = 775 lbs.

100728 – CFT

First time back in the gym since Friday.  Definitely felt the consequences of not Back Squatting and Deadlifting in ages.

BS = 275lbs. / PR = 125lbs. / DL = 345lbs.

CFT = 745lbs.

100515 – CrossFit Total

Back Squat = 275lbs.

Press = 130lbs.

Deadlift = 335lbs.

Total = 740lbs. (Multiplier = 4.6)

100224 – CrossFit Total

Back Squat – 275lbs.

Strict Press – 115lbs.

Deadlift – 335lbs.

Total = 725lbs. (Multiplier = 4.5)

091001 – CFT

Back Squat = 275lbs. / Press = 120lbs. / Deadlift = 345lbs. —- CrossFit Total = 740lbs.

Baseline WOD in 4:21.


TitanFit WO


Back Squat = 280lbs.
Press = 125lbs.
Deadlift = 345lbs.

CFT = 750 lbs.

Mulitplier = 4.7

I really need to work on my Press, and the Back Squat could use a little work as well.

A Bad Day

TitanFit WO


Back Squat – 300lbs. (PR)
Press – 125lbs. (Weak)
Deadlift – 335lbs.

CFT – 760lbs.

Another month…

…another CrossFit Total. However, I had some trouble with the Back Squat today.

TitanFit WO

Squat – 275 lbs.
Press – 125 lbs.
Deadlift – 335 lbs.

CFT = 735 lbs.

CrossFit Total

CrossFit Total is a workout that is used to gage your strength. I think today was the fourth time that I’ve completed the workout; about once each month. I’m happy with my progress, as I’ve made gains each time in every lift. The CFT consists of three lifts – the Back Squat, the Press, and the Deadlift.

Today, my CFT numbers were:

Squat = 290 lbs.
Press = 125 lbs.
Deadlift = 313 lbs.

I was very close to getting 300 lbs. on the Squat but I had some poor mechanics getting out of the hole. Overall, I’m happy with my numbers as I’ve made substantial progress. This is one of the workouts that I will perform about once a month to measure my strength. The irony of CrossFit is that while I’m not training each day or on any regular basis for these three lifts, I make quite a bit of progress each time I do the workout. With that said, it is still my pressing numbers that I would like to increase.